The Making of Bert Seale, Golf Coach

October 15, 2017
Besides being considered among the best golf instructors in the world, Bert Seale has turned to writing and editing to expand his reach and create more great golfers. That is why Bert is editing a book on golf instruction, which he hopes to have published soon, and why he has developed an amateur sports website called FOOSC. If you need more to believe his commitment, consider Bert Seale’s online coaching platform and associated app called WebSwings. The platform and the app is available for all smartphones.

The fact of the matter is, Bert Seale is prolific by design. He doesn’t believe it’s even close to enough to simply develop a unique and effective technique for golfers that works like a charm; he wants to spread that technique everywhere. He is perfectly okay with tooting his own horn; it’s how he propagates the best instruction techniques and fills the amateur and professional ranks with qualified golfers, which is best for the sport going forward. That’s why he founded the Seale School for Golf some years ago and why its program is so comprehensive.

Bert Seale is used to training professional golfers and he wants to train as many as possible. In fact, the program at the Seale School includes just a few days of workshops, followed by several months of hands-on instruction. However, that isn’t what makes his school unique. Bert Seale wants his golfers to succeed, so the first thing the school does is to determine just where the student is when they begin. They perform a complete audit and evaluation they perform on each student on the very first day, which allows them to know exactly where the student’s current skill benchmark sits and they will use that to discover which techniques are the most effective going forward.